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Mail 09.03.2005: Diana Rigg on stage

Dear Stefan,
I'm sending you, as an attachment, my second work about Diana Rigg on stage, 1957/1972. When you put it in your website, you can say : "Thanks to a humble admirer of Diana Rigg."
It's not a definitive version. I'll send you other more complete versions, from time to time.

"A humble admirer of Diana Rigg"

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1957, York Festival
THE CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE  (Bertolt Brecht) York Theatre Royal, York/June 24th to 30th (this presentation received its first public performances in this country on these dates)
From the programme book : "produced by John Fernald, with a team of young actors from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, of which he is Principal, and the settings are by a distinguished young designer, Neil Hobson."
Source :York Theatre Royal, York
OTHELLO (Shakespeare Memorial Theatre/7 Apr 1959)
Othelo, Paul Robeson - Desdemona, Mary Ure - Iago, Sam Wanamaker - Cassio, Albert Finney - Duke of Venice, Ian Holm -Emilia, Angela Baddeley - Bianca, Zoe Caldwell - Lodovico, Edward De Souza - Montano, Julian Glover - Brabantio, Paul Hardwick - Gratiano, Donald Layne-Smith - Roderigo, Peter Woodthorpe - Montano Officer 1, David Buck - Montano Officer 2, Roy Dotrice - Montano Officer 3, Kenneth Gilbert - Herald, Stephen Thorne - Unnamed parts, Georgine Anderson - Roger Bizley - Charles Borromel - Michael Graham Cox - Christopher Cruise - Jon Dennis - Mavis Edwards - Nicholas Hawfrey - Norman Henry - Edna Landor - Peter Mason - Dan Meaden - Vanessa Redgrave - Diana Rigg - Richard Rudd - Robert Russell - Don Smith - Roy Spencer - Malcolm Taylor - Dave Thomas - Stephen Thorne.
Director, Tony Richardson - Designer, Loudon Sainthill - Light Designer, Michael Northen - Music Leslie Bridgewater. 
1959-All's Well That Ends Well01
The picture is out of 1959-All's well that ends well. Diana not being easily recognisable, I drew a golden aureole above her head.
Countess of Rousillon, Edith Evans - Bertram, Edward De Souza - Helena, Zoe Caldwell - Diana, Priscilla Morgan - King of France, Robert Hardy - Dumain, Michael Blakemore - Mariana, Mavis Edwards - Longaville, Paul Hardwick - Duke of Florence, Donald Layne-Smith - Parolles, Cyril Luckham - Lafeu, Anthony Nicholls - Rinaldo, Donald Eccles - Widow, Angela Baddeley - Footmen, Roger Bizley - Richard Rudd - Dave Thomas - Major domo, Michael Graham Cox - Officer 1, Kenneth Gilbert - Officer 2, Roy Spencer - Groom, Malcolm Taylor - Gentleman, Stephen Thorne - Soldier, Peter Woodthorpe - Unnamed parts Georgine Anderson - Charles Borromel - David Buck - Christopher Cruise - Jon Dennis - Nicholas Hawfrey - Norman Henry - Edna Landor - Peter Mason - Dan Meaden - Vanessa Redgrave - Diana Rigg - Robert Russell - Don Smith.
Director, Tyrone Guthrie - Designer, Tania Moiseiwitsh - Light Designer, Maurice Daniels - Music, John Gardner - Choreography, Pauline Grant.
Diana Rigg (recalls) : "I can still remember the first time I met an audience ... .  I was an understudy at Stratford-on-Avon, when I was called on to replace the principal in 'Alls Well That Ends Well'.  Her name was Priscilla Morgan. They gave me maybe an hour's rehearsal.   By a coincidence my parents were out front that night.  I didn't tell them that I was going on, so that when I came out and started shaking, they thought I was just walking on.  Then they realised, and sort of clutched each other in absolute fear. My fear was of a different kind.  I was simply not sufficiently prepared and so I was annoyed with myself.  Still, the audience was very kind as it always is when an understudy takes over and doesn't want to make a complete mess of the play, and I was led forward and allowed to take a solo bow. I played it for about a week, I guess.   And it was about the end of the week only that I began to enjoy it."
Bottom, Charles Laughton - Oberon, Robert Hardy - Titania, Mary Ure - Lysander, Albert Finney - Puck, Ian Holm - Hippolyta, Stephanie Bidmead - Snout, Michael Blakemore - Demetrius, Edward De Souza - Egeus, Roy Dotrice - Snug, Julian Glover - Philistrate, Donald Layne-Smith - Quince, Cyril Luckham - Hermia, Priscilla Morgan - Theseus, Anthony Nicholls - Helena, Vanessa Redgrave - Flute, Peter Woodthorpe - Fairies, Georgine Anderson - Zoë Caldwell - Judith Downes - Mavis Edwards - Margaret O'Keefe - Jean Owen - Malcolm Ranson - Michael Scoble - Starveling, Donald Eccles - Unnamed parts, Roger Bizley - Charles Borromel - David Buck - Michael Graham Cox - Christopher Cruise - Jon Dennis - Nicholas Hawfrey - Norman Henry - Edna Landor - Peter Mason - Dan Meaden - Diana Rigg - Richard Rudd - Robert Russell - Don Smith - Dave Thomas - Stephen Thorne.
Director, Peter Hall - Designer, Lila De Nobili - Light Designer, Michael Northen - Music, Raymond Leppard - Choreography, Pauline Grant.
Coriolanus, Laurence Olivier - Volumnia, Edith Evans - Virgilia, Mary Ure - Valeria, Vanessa Redgrave - Menenius, Harry Andrews - Cominius, Paul Hardwick - Junius BrutusPeter Woodthorpe - Sicinius Velutus, Robert Hardy - Tullus Aufidius, Anthony Nicholls - Young Marcius, Malcolm Ranson - Titus Lartius, Donald Eccles - Gentlewoman, Mavis Edwards -  Roman Senator, Michael Blakemore - Volscian Conspirators, Roger Bizley - David Buck - Volscian Senator 1, Senate Officer, Donald Layne-Smith - Volscian Senator 2, Charles Borromel - Volscian Senator 3, Norman Henry - Aedile 1, Kenneth Gilbert - Aedile 2, Peter Mason - Roman Citizen 1, Albert Finney - Roman Citizen 2, Julian Glover - Aufidius Servant 2, Roman Citizen 3, Roy Dotrice - Aufidius Servant 3, Roman Citizen 4, Ian Holm - Roman Citizen 5, Aufidius Servant 1, Michael Graham CoxRoman Citizen 6, Stephen Thorne - Roman Citizen 7, Dan Meaden - Roman Citizens, Georgine Anderson - Stephanie Bidmead - Edna Landor -  Diana Rigg - Michael Scoble - Volscian Citizen, Nicholas Hawfrey - Volscian Sentinel 1, Dave Thomas - Volscian Sentinel 2, Robert Russell - Lieutenant, Senate Officer, Edward De Souza - Roman soldiers, Malcolm Taylor - Roy Spencer - Don Smith - Richard Rudd - Christopher Cruise - Jon Dennis.
Director, Peter Hall - Set Designer, Boris Aronson - Costume Designer, Riette Sturge Moore - Light Designer, Michael Northen - Music, Roberto Gerhard - Fight Arrangers, John Greenwood, Bernard Hepton.
KING LEAR (SMT/18 Aug 1959)
King Lear, Charles Laughton - Edgar, Albert Finney - Fool, Ian Holm - Earl of Kent, Anthony Nicholls - Oswald, Peter Woodthorpe - Earl of Gloucester, Cyril Luckham - Edmund, Robert Hardy - Goneril, Stephanie Bidmead - Regan, Angela Baddeley - Cordelia, Zoe Caldwell - Duke of Albany, Julian Glover - Duke of Cornwall, Paul Hardwick - King of France, Edward De Souza - Duke of Burgundy, Roy Dotrice - Curan, Stephen Thorne - Knight, Michael Blakemore - Servants, Roger Bizley - David Buck - Michael Graham Cox - Gloucester's Tenant, Donald Eccles - Doctor, Kenneth Gilbert - Edmund's Captain, Peter Mason - Regan Soldier, Richard Rudd - Messenger, Don Smith - Herald, Roy Spencer - Herald's Trumpeter, Stanley Wheeler - Standard Bearer, Dave Thomas - Edgar's Trumpeter, Arthur Allaby - Unnamed part, Georgine Anderson - Charles Borromel - Christopher Cruise - Jon Dennis - Mavis Edwards - Nicholas Hawfrey - Norman Henry - Edna Landor - Dan Meaden - Diana Rigg - Robert Russell - Michael Scoble - Malcolm Taylor.
Director, Glen Byam Shaw - Designer, Motley - Light Designer, Michael Northen - Music, Antony Hopkins - Fight Arranger, Bernard Hepton.

1960, Stratford-upon-Avon
Valentine, Denholm Elliott - Proteus, Derek Godfrey - Speed, servant to Valentine,  Jack MacGowran - Julia, beloved of Proteus, Frances Cuka - Lucetta, waiting woman to Julia, Mavis Edwards - Antonio father to Proteus, Peter Jeffrey - Panthino, servant to Antonio, Donald Layne-Smith - Silvia, beloved of Valentine, Susan Maryott - Barbara Barnett - Launce, Patrick Wymark - Duke of Milan, father to Silvia, Eric Porter - Thurio, rival to Valentine, Ian Richardson  - Sir Eglamour, an old Knight, Clifford Rose - Maroussia Frank - Host, Dave Thomas - Outlaw 1, Tony Church - Outlaw 2, Stephen Thorne - Outlaw 3, Christopher Cruise - Ladies, Courtiers, Guards, Beggars, Outlaws, Julian Battersby - Roger Bizley - David Buck - Gloria Dolskie - Michelle Dotrice - Maroussia Frank - Wendy Gifford - James Kerry - Mandy Miller - Diana Rigg - David Sumner - William Wallis - Don Webster.
Director, Peter Hall - Set Designer, Renzo Mongiardino - Light Designer Michael Northen - Costume Designer Lila De Nobili - Music Raymond Leppard - Choreography, Pauline Grant.
Antonio, a merchant of Venice,
Patrick Allen - Friends of Antonio : Salerio, David Summer ; Solanio, David Buck ; Lorenzo, Ian Holm ; Gratiano, Patrick Wymark ; Bassanio, Denholm Elliott - Portia, the Lady of Belmont, Dorothy Tutin - Nerissa, her maid, Susan Maryott - Shylock, a Jew, Peter O'Toole - Prince of Morocco, suitor to Portia, Paul Hardwick - Launcelot Gobbo, servant to Shylock, Dinsdale Landen - Old Gobbo, his father, Jack MacGowran - Jessica, daughter to Shylock, Frances Cuka - Prince of Arragon, suitor to Portia, Ian Richardson - Clifford Rose - His Mother, Maroussia Frank - His Tutor, Julian Battersby - Tubal, friend to Shylock, Clive Swift - Servants to Portia : Balthasar, William Wallis ; Stephano, Clifford Rose - James Kerry - Leonardo, servant to Bassanio, Don Webster - Antonio's servant, Roger Bizley - Duke of Venice, Tony Church - Ladies, Servants, Attendants, Officers, Mavis EdwardsBarbara Barnett - Diana Rigg - Gloria Dolskie - Wendy Gifford - Mandy Miller - Roy Dotrice - Dave Thomas - Stephen Thorne - Christopher Cruise - Julian Battersby - Walter Brown - Donald Douglas - Philip Voss
Director, Michael Langham - Designer, Desmond Heeley - Light Designer, Maurice Daniels - Music, Cedric Thorpe Davie.
Christopher Sly, Jack MacGowran - Hostess, Mavis Edwards - A Lord, Ian Richardson - Huntsmen, Walter Brown - Philip Voss - James Kerry - David Buck - Bartholemew, James Langley - Wenches, Barbara Barnett -  Diana Rigg - Mandy Miller
Characters in A Play : Lucentio, a young gentleman of Pisa, Peter Jeffrey - Tranio, his servant, James Bree - Baptista, a gentleman of Padua, Paul Hardwick - His daughters : Katharina, Peggy Ashcroft ; Bianca, Elizabeth Sellars - Suitors to Bianca : Gremio, Ian Holm ; Hortensio, Tony Chruch - Biondello, servant to Lucentio, Dinsdale Landen - Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, Peter O'Toole - His servants : Grumio, Patrick Wymark ; Curtis, Stephen Thorne ; Nicholas, David Buck ; Joseph, Christopher Cruise ; Phillip, Donald Douglas ; Peter, Clive Swift ; Nathaniel, William Wallis - Prompter, Dave Thomas - Boy player, Dennis Waterman - A Pedant, Donald Layne-Smith - Taylor, Clifford Rose - Vincentio, father of Lucentio, Roy Dotrice - A Widow, Wendy Gifford - Tapster, Clive Swift
Director, John Barton - Designer, Alix Stone - Light Designer, John Wickham - Music, Brian Priestman.
1960-Troilus and Cressida
Troilus and Cressida
Prologue, Paul Hardwick - Trojans : Priam, King of Troy, Clifford Rose - His sons : Hector, Derek Godfrey ; Troilus, Denholm Elliott ; Paris, David Sumner ; Dephobus, Don Webster ; Helenus, Christopher Cruise ; Margarelon, Roger Bizley - Trojan Commanders : AEneas, Donald Douglas ; Antenor, Roy Dotrice - Calchas, a priest, Stephen Thorne - Cressida, his daughter, Dorothy Tutin - Pandarus, Cressida's uncle, Max Adrian - Cassandra, Priam's daughter, Frances Cuka - Andromache, Hector's wife, Diana Rigg - Alexander, Cressida's servant, Clive Swift - Paris' servant, Roy Dotrice - Troilus' page, James Langley - Greeks : Agamemnon, General of the army, Peter Jeffrey - Menelaus, his brother, Walter Brown - His Commanders : Ulysses, Eric Porter ; Ajax, Paul Hardwick ; Achilles, Patrick Allen ; Nestor, James Bree ; Patroclus, Dinsdale Landen ; Diomedes, David Buck - Thersites, Peter O'Toole - Helen, Menelaus' wife, Elizabeth Sellars - Attendants and soldiers, Susan Maryott - Barbara Barnett - Gloria Dolskie - Maroussia Frank - Mandy Miller - Dave Thomas - Julian Battersby - James Kerry - Philip Voss - William Wallis.
Directors, Peter Hall and John Barton - Designer, Leslie Hurry - Light Designer, John Wickham - Music, Humphrey Searle.
1960-The Winter's Tale
The Winter's Tale
Archidamus, a Lord of Bohemia, William Wallis - Camillo, a Lord of Sicilia, Paul Hardwick - First Old Gentleman, Roy Dotrice - Second Old Gentleman, Ian Richardson - Paulina's Steward, Peter Jeffrey - Mamillius, son of Leontes, Dennis Waterman - Leontes, King of Sicilia, Eric Porter - Hermione, Queen of Sicilia,  Elizabeth Sellars - Polixenes, King of Bohemia, Patrick Allen - Emilia, First Lady-in-waiting, Mavis Edwards - Second Lady-in-waiting, Maroussia Frank - Antigonus, a Lord of Sicilia, Tony Chruch - Paulina, wife of Antigonus, Peggy Ashcroft - Gaoler, Clive Swift - Lord attending Leontes, Donald Layne-Smith - Philip Voss - Donald Douglas - Lords of Sicilia : Dion, Julian Battersby - Cleomenes, James Kerry - Officer of the Court, Roger Bizley - Mariner, Walter Brown - Old Shepherd, James Bree - Young Shepherd, Ian Holm - Time, Derek Godfrey - Autolycus, Jack MacGowran - Florizel, son of Polixenes, Dinsdale Landen - Perdita, daughter of Leontes, Susan Maryott - First Shepherd, Dave Thomas - Mopsa, Gloria Dolskie - Dorcas, Mandy Miller - Ladies, Servants, Soldiers, Shepherds, Shepherdesses, Diana Rigg - Maroussia Frank - Wendy Gifford - Dave Thomas - Roger Bizley - Don Webster - Walter Brown - David Sumner - Clive Swift - William Wallis.
Director, Peter Wood - Designer, Jacques Noêl - Light Designer, Maurice Daniels - Music, Lennox Berkeley - Choreography, Pauline Grant.
1960-The Duchess of Malfi
1960-The Duchess of Malfi
THE DUCHESS OF MALFI - John Webster (SMT/30 Nov 1960 and at The Aldwych/15 Dec 1960, opening Stratford-on-Avon Company production at the Aldwych Theatre, London)
Antonio Bologna, steward of the household to the Duchess, Derek Godfrey - Delio, Antonio's friend, Peter Jeffrey - Daniel de Bosola, gentleman of the horse to the Duchess, Patrick Wymark - Cardinal, Max Adrian - Ferdinand, Eric Porter - Silvio, Clifford Rose - Castruccio, Donald Layne-Smith - Roderigo, David Sumner - Grisolan, Donald Douglas - The Duchess of Malfi, Peggy Ashcroft - Cariola, her woman, Stephanie Bidmead - An Old Woman, Mavis Edwards - Julia, Castruccio's wife and the Cardinal's mistress, Sian Phillips - Antonio's Son, Robert Langley - Officer, Philip Voss - Marquis of Pescara, James Bree - Doctor, Tony Church - Count Malatesti, Ian Richardson - Ladies, Officers, Attendants, Peasants, Madmen and Executioners, Maroussia Frank - Wendy Gifford - Diana Rigg - Julian Battersby - David Buck - Christopher Cruise - Roy Dotrice - James Kerry - Clive Swift - Dave Thomas - Stephen Thorne - William Wallis.
Director, Donald McWhinnie - Designer, Leslie Hurry - Light Designer, John Wickham - Music, Humphrey Searle.

THE ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY (ex Shakespeare Memorial Theatre) :
1961, London
THE DUCHESS OF MALFI - John Webster (SMT/30 Nov 1960 and at The Aldwych/15 Dec 1960, opening Stratford-on-Avon Company production at the Aldwych Theatre, London)
See above.

ONDINE - Jean Giraudoux (Aldwych/12 Jan 1961)
Ondine, Leslie Caron - King of Ondines, Derek Godfrey - Queen Isolde, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies - Auguste, Patrick Allen - Salambo, Silvia Beamish - Greta, Yvonne Bonnamy - King, James Bree - Eugénie, Mavis Edwards - Viscountess, Maroussia Frank - Venus, Wendy Gifford - Matho, Alfred Hallett - Hans, Richard Johnson - Bertha, Sian Philips - Violanta, Diana Rigg - Bertram, David Sumner - Lord Chamberlain, Eric Porter - Ondine 1, Maroussia Frank - Ondine 2, Diana Rigg - Ondine 3, Wendy Gifford - Ondine 4, Meg Ritchie - Superintendant, Donald Layne-Smith - Judge 1, Ian Holm - Judge 2, Peter Jeffrey - Poet, Clive Swift - Trainer of Seals, Patrick G. Stephens - Swineherd, Stephen Thorne - Fisherman 1, Roy Dotrice - Fisherman 2, John Cater - Kitchen Maid, Patsy Byrne - Servant 1, Philip Voss - Servant 2, Christopher Cruise - Page, Larry Viner - Servants, John Cater - Roy Dotrice - Ian Holm - Peter Jeffrey - Unnamed parts, Edward Argent - William Austin - Alan Downer - Stuart Hoyle - James Keen - Robert Langley - Peter Russell.
Director, Peter Hall - Designer, Tanya Moïseiwitsch - Light Designer, John Wickham - Music, Raymond Leppard.
THE DEVILS - John Whiting (Aldwych/20 Feb 1961)
Urbain Grandier, Richard Johnson - Prince Henri, Derek Godfrey - Sister Jeanne, Dorothy Tutin - Virginia MacKenna (from the 11th of July ?) - Mannoury, Ian Holm - Philippe Trincant,  Diana Rigg Louis Trincant, Patrick G. Stephens - Sewerman, Clive Swift - de Laubardemont, Patrick Wymark - Father Ambroise, Roy Dotrice - Jean d'Armagnac, Patrick Allen - Richelieu, John Cater - Father Barre, Max Adrian - Sister Claire, Stephanie Bidmead - Sister Gabrielle, Patsy Byrne - Sister Louise, Mavis Edwards - de la Rocheposay, Derek Godfrey - de Cerisay, Peter Jeffrey - Father Mignon, Donald Layne-Smith - Bontemps, Stephen Thorne - Louis XIII, Philip Voss - Father Rangier, David Sumner - Clerk, John Cater - Ninon, Yvonne Bonnamy - Adam, James Bree - Unnamed parts, Edward Argent - William Austin - Christopher Cruise - Alan Downer - Maroussia Frank - Wendy Gifford - Stuart Hoyle - James Keen - Robert Langley - Tracey Lloyd - Meg Ritchie - Peter Russell - Larry Viner.
Director, Peter Wood - Author, Aldous Huxley - Set Designer, Sean Kenny - Light Designer, John Wickham - Costume Designer, Desmond Heeley - Music, Brian Priestman - Choreographer, Pauline Grant.
In 1961, Diana Rigg is Gwendolen in Jean Anouilh's Beckett, beside Eric Porter and Canadian actor Christopher Plummer.
BECKET - Jean Anouilh (Aldwych/11 Jul 1961 : Transferred to the Globe Theatre, London for a season 13th December 1961 to 5th May 1962)
King Henry, Christopher Plummer - Thomas Beckett, Eric Porter - Queen Mother, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies - Gilbert Folliot , Peter Jeffrey - Gwendolen, Diana Rigg - Little Monk, Ian Holm - Barry MacGregor (from October) - Pope, Roy Dotrice - John Warner (from October) - Young Queen, Yvonne Bonnamy - Young Sentry, Barry MacGregor - Ian Cullen (from October) - Prince, John Fox - Barrie Davies (from October) . Etienne, Barry MacGregor - James Keen (from October) - William of Corbeil, Terence Greenidge - King Louis, Patrick Wymark - Esmond Knight (from October) - Arundel, James Keen - Canterbury, Donald Layne-Smith - Cardinal, George Murcell - Clive Swift (from October) - Bishop of York, Peter Russell - Bishop of Oxford, Patrick G. Stephens - Provost Marshall, Philip Voss - Saxon Father, Alan Downer - Saxon Girl, Jeanne Hepple - Saxon Son, Barry MacGregor - Geoffrey Stavert (from October) - Prince, Dane Howell - French Priest, Patrick G. Stephens - French Choir Boy, John Fox, Barrie Davies (from October) - Baron 1, George Murcell - John Nettleton (from October) - Baron 2, Clive Swift - Baron 3, Edward Argent - Baron 4, Roy Dotrice - John Warner (from October) - French Baron 1, William Austin - French Baron 2, Ian Cullen - French Girl, Marian Diamond - Page, Philip Voss - Monk 1, Edward Argent - Monk 2, Alan Downer - Servants, William Austin - Ian Cullen - Officer, Soldier 1, Geoffrey Stavert - Soldier 2, Stuart Hoyle.
Director, Peter Hall - Translator, Lucien Hill - Designer, Leslie Hurry - Light Designer, John Wickham - Music, Iain Hamilton.
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW  (Aldwych/13 Sep 1961)
Christopher Sly, Roy Dotrice - Patrick G. Stephens (from 2nd november) - Hostess, Mavis Edwards - A Lord, John Warner - Philip Voss (from 2nd november) - Huntsmen, Philip Voss - James Keen (from 2nd november) - Alan Downer - Stuart Hoyle - Geoffrey Stavert - Bartholemew, Barry MacGregor - Wenches, Yvonne Bonnamy - Marian Diamond - Meg Ritchie
Characters in A Play : Lucentio, a young gentleman of Pisa, Peter Jeffrey - Tranio, his servant, James Bree - Baptista, a gentleman of Padua, Patrick Wymark - Esmond Knight (from 2nd november) - His daughters : Katharina, Vanessa Redgrave ; Bianca, Diana Rigg - Suitors to Bianca : Gremio, Donald Layne-Smith ; Hortensio, George Murcell - John Warner (from 2nd november) - Biondello, servant to Lucentio, Wolfe Morris - Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, Derek Godfrey - His servants : Grumio, Clive Swift ; Curtis, Edward Argent ; Nicholas, Alan Downer - Stuart Hoyle (from 2nd november) ; Joseph, Terence Greenidge ; Phillip, James Keen ; Peter, Ian Cullen ; Nathaniel, Geoffrey Stavert - Prompter, William Austin - Boy player, Dane Howell - A Pedant, John Nettleton - Taylor, Patrick G. Stephens - Alan Downer (from 2nd november) - Vincentio, father of Lucentio, Peter Russell - A Widow, Wendy Gifford - Tapster, Ian Cullen.
Director, Maurice Daniels - Designer, Alix Stone - Light Designer, John Wickham - Music, Brian Priestman - Choreographer, Pauline Grant.
1962, London :

THE ART OF SEDUCTION (Choderlos de Laclos’ Les Liaisons Dangereuses) Aldwych: March 19: President de Tourvel, Diana Rigg. Dir  John Barton

1962, Stratford :
February, March, April : BECKET - Anouilh (Globe Theatre, London/13 Dec 1961
Christopher Plummer, Eric Porter, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Diana Rigg, Philip Voss, Esmond Knight; dir:Peter Hall
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Royal Shakespeare Theatre/17 Apr 1962)
Ian Richardson, Judi Dench, Diana Rigg, Paul Hardwick, Ian Holm; dir:Peter Hall
MACBETH (RST/6 Jun 1962)
Eric Porter, Irene Worth, Diana Rigg; dir:Donald McWhinnie
Ian Richardson, Alec McCowen, Ian Hewitson, Barry MacGregor, Diana Rigg, Susan Maryott, Tony Church, Peter Jeffrey, James Booth, Pauline Letts, Patricia Brake, Margaret Drabble, Peter Geddis, Gordon Honeycombe, Nerys Hughes; dir:Clifford Williams
KING LEAR (RST/6 Nov 1962)
Paul Scofield, Irene Worth, Alan Webb, Diana Rigg, Alec McCowen; dir:Peter Brook
KING LEAR (Aldwych/12 Dec 1962)
Paul Scofield, Irene Worth, Alan Webb, Diana Rigg, Alec McCowen; dir:Peter Brook
1963, Stratford :
Ian Richardson, Alec McCowan, Diana Rigg, Janet Suzman, Donald Sinden; dir:Clifford Wlliams
1963, London :
THE PHYSICISTS - Durrenmatt (Aldwych/9 Jan 1963)
Irene Worth, Michael Hordern, Cyril Cusack, Alan Webb, Diana Rigg; dir:Peter Brook
(March): KING LEAR (Aldwych/12 Dec 1962)
Paul Scofield, Irene Worth, Patience Collier, Diana Rigg, Alec McCowen, Alan Webb, James Booth, Brian Murray, Brewster Mason, Peter Jeffrey, Tony Church, Clive Swift; dir:Peter Brook
THE COMEDY OF ERRORS (Aldwych/11 Dec 1963)
Ian Richardson, Alec McCowen, Clifford Rose, Barry MacGregor, Diana Rigg, Janet Suzman, Donald Sinden, Derek Smith, Susan Engel; dir:Clifford Williams
1964, London :
(January): THE COMEDY OF ERRORS (Aldwych)
Ian Richardson, Alec McCowen, Diana Rigg, Janet Suzman, Donald Sinden; dir:C.Williams
on tour (Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow etc) :
Paul Scofield, John Laurie, Irene Worth, Alec McCowen, Diana Rigg, Ian Richardson, Michael Williams, Tom Fleming; dir:P. Brook, C. Williams
Source :
TWELFTH NIGHT (W. Shakespeare) (RST/June 16th, )
Cast : Orsino Duke of Illyria, Alan Howard - Curio Gentleman attending on the Duke, Philip Hinton - Valentine Gentleman attending on the Duke, John Bell - Viola, Diana Rigg - A Sea Captain, Daniel Moynihan - Sir Toby Belch Olivia's Kinsman, Brewster Mason - Maria Olivia's Gentlewoman, Patsy Byrne - Sir Andrew Aguecheek, David Warner
Directed by Clifford Williams - Settings and Costumes by Sally Jacobs - Music by Guy Woolfenden - Music played by the Royal Shakespeare Wind Band
source :
1970, London,
ABELARD AND HELOISE (Ronald Millar) Wyndham's Theatre. Cast :Peter Abelard, Keith Michell -  Heloise, Diana Rigg - Alain, David Rogg - Gérard, Mark Johnson - Philippe, Michael Mundell - Robert de Montboissier, Terence Wilton - Guibert, Philip Sayer - Gilles de Vannes, a Canon of Notre-Dame, Timothy West - Jehan, his servant, Peter Sergeant - Fulbert, Uncle to Heloise, John Warner - Belle Alys, Valerie Minigie - The Abbess of Argenteuil,  Elspeth March - Sister Laura, Jo Warne - Sister Godric, Rosalind Atkinson - Sister Constance, Sandra Duncan - Mariella, a novice, Marie Ashton - Gisella, a novice, Elizabeth Norman - Alberic of Rheims, William Redmond - Bernard of Clairvaux, David Ashford - Denise, Abelard's sister, Jennie Stoller - Hugh, her husband, Stanley McGeagh - A monk, Trevor Mitchell. Director : Robin Phillips.
1972, London,
JUMPERS (Tom Stoppard) Old Vic/February 2nd. Dottie, Diana Rigg Secretary, Anna Carteret Crouch, Paul Curran - George, Michael Hordern Bones, David Ryall -Archie, Alan MacNaughtan - Clegthorpe, James Hayes - Jumpers, David Bradley - Nicholas Clay - David Firth - John Gregg - Richard Howard - David Kincaid - Desmond McNamara - James Smith - Michael Stroud - Stephen Williams.  Director Peter Wood
'TIS A PITY SHE'S A WHORE  (John Ford) Old Vic/July 11th (Mobile). Hippolita, Diana Rigg. Director : Roland Joffe
MACBETH (W. Shakespeare) Old Vic/November 9th. Cast : Lady Macbeth, Diana Rigg - Macbeth, Anthony Hopkins. Director, Michael Blakemore

source : and my friend, B.

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